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Residential Gardens

Welcome to our plant nursery which offers the widest range of small and large trees, flowering shrubs and perennials. And all that located only 30 km from the center of Warsaw!

If you already know what garden or patio plants you need, we will complete your order and deliver it to your door in no time.
If your garden is still at the early stage of planning, our experienced landscape architects will help to make your dream come true. Keeping your expectations in mind they will guide you while choosing from over 2,000 high quality varieties of plants. Let us protect you against costly mistakes.
In the business line we have been in for many decades – landscape architecture and management of green areas – the requirements of the landscape and its designers are growing rapidly. Vast knowledge and experience we have gained through the years of cooperation with landscape architects, garden designers and developers in Poland and abroad allow us to react appropriately to the needs of huge investors as well as individual private garden owners.

Plants are wonderful but demanding material – incomparably more demanding than any building materials. As the experienced nurserymen we know our plants, their merits, needs and distinctive features. We also know that in order to achieve desired atmosphere and give a place the unique look all the plants need to be skillfully organized. While designing your landscape we take into consideration how each individual plant will look in summer and in the fall, but also how they will grow and change in 5 or 15 years. We respect the surroundings and always try to harmonize our gardens and their precincts. Nevertheless, the needs and expectations of our clients are always our priority.

We know how to plan a garden that would delight the eyes of many generations

We help our clients to create places which would make them proud and happy for many years to come.Our aim is to design not only outstanding gardens but also comfortable and safe place you will never want to leave.

Let us help you

If you have any questions or comments concerning growing plants, please feel free to contact us or submit your on-line customer service request by filling the contact form. Our expert will assist you as soon as possible.

Our vast knowledge of plants and awareness of clients’ needs guarantee that the meeting with us will get you closer to your dream.