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Strong roots are very important – and not just in gardening. The history of the Grąbczewskis’ nurseries goes back to 1936 when Leopold Grąbczewski launched his rose bush growing business. Already in 1939 Leopold Grąbczewski’s nursery was supplying 200,000 grafted rose bushes to the Polish market. Varieties bred after World War 2: Irina, Camping, Mazowsze, Warszawa, Mieszko and Jantar received many awards at national and international rose competitions.
In 1950s and 60s Leopold’s wife Jadwiga Grąbczewska got involved in her husband’s business, which at that time was located in Dąbrówka near Warsaw. A little later the business was taken over by their son who continued and perfected the pioneer method of growing conifers in containers. Jan Grąbczewski introduced to the Polish market many valuable varieties that continue to be the core of our plant catalogue.
In 1980s Jacek, Jan’s younger son, also joined the family business. His contribution were deciduous plants. In mid-1900s our nurseries were transferred 15 km south to Runów near Warsaw where we operate until today. On 14th July 1999 the new establishment was officially opened. Third generation joined the team: Wojciech (Jan’s son) and Agnieszka (Jacek’s daughter).
In 2000 a specialised wholesale point was launched where gardening professionals may get our full range of top quality nursery material – from perennials to trees.
In response to the recent green market development we added to our portfolio large lane trees intended both for our private customers and public green areas. This line of business is successfully developing in our new ground nursery in Olszany near Grójec. Thousands of our trees are sent every year to gardens and parks in Poland and twenty other countries.

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