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We grow top quality ornamentals. We offer unmatched range of plants – from perennials to huge, mature trees. Every year we add a few new, but already tested in our climate, species and varieties that provide new design opportunities and contribute to new composition effects in gardens and parks. We are a one stop shop for thousands of plants that will satisfy even the most demanding designers and gardeners.
We create private gardens, parks, public green areas, rooftop gardens, green areas along roads and motorways. We work together with leading landscape architects, contractors, supervision inspectors, developers and construction companies.
We do way more than just sell plants. We provide comprehensive green solutions: at investor’s request we design, help choose plant species, organise deliveries with specialised equipment, plant and care for plants.
Apart from live plants we also offer other sought after accessories: underground tree anchoring systems, durable and elegant steel, aluminium and polyester containers. Our newest arrivals include fashionable garden features, such as ovens, fireplaces and water bowls.

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