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Residential Gardens

Plants are a wonderful, yet demanding medium. As experienced nurserymen we know all their characteristics, needs and special features. We respect the space around us, therefore we try to make sure that our gardens are in harmony with the surrounding landscape. At the design stage we consider how each plant will look like at different times of the year and how big it will be in 5 or 15 years. Nevertheless, our most important guidelines are the demands and expectations of our clients. We know how to design a garden enjoyed by generations! Together we create comfortable, beautiful and safe spaces that make you want to stay outdoors.
The experience we garnered through our work with landscaping professionals, investors and developers in Poland and internationally lets us successfully address our customers’ needs, be it large investment project or an individual solution created for a private garden owner.
Our experienced landscape architects will help you create the garden of your dreams and choose among over 2,000 plant varieties and species to fulfil your expectations and thus they will protect you from costly mistakes.
Visit us! We are only 30 km away from the centre of Warsaw!

+48 (22) 726 90 58
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